Welcome to Thomasian Administrator and Faculty Portal.

The faculty portal is gateway of the academic personnel of the University to access their personal information that is related to their field of work. This gateway bridges communication between the academic work force and the Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs through its simple Policy Library and Forms Link.


On Portal Log-in

  1. All faculty members given their faculty code by OVRAA will have access to the Faculty Portal.
  2. The faculty code provided by OVRAA upon issuance of appointment paper will be the username of the faculty member.
  3. The default password is the birthday of the faculty member using the format MM/DD/YYYY.
  4. The faculty member is advised to change his/her password the after first login to ensure security of personal records.

On Changing of Password

  1. To change your password, access your profile then click account security icon at the Guru's PATIO gateway.
  2. Initially, the portal will ask the user to set up a secret question that will help him/her to reset their password in case of forgotten password.
  3. Once the secret question is set, the user may proceed in changing his/her password.
  4. Instructions for the secret questions and change password are available on the same pages.

On Viewing and Updating of Personal Information

  1. OVRAA defines the information that can only be viewed and those that can be updated by the faculty members.
  2. If there will be any discrepancies on the information that are allowed only to be viewed, the faculty member shall proceed personally to OVRAA to request for the change of information.
  3. Information that has ADD/UPDATE/DELETE button can be updated by the faculty member. The faculty member is responsible for any update of his/her own record.
  4. For the items that require supporting documents, such as Academic Preparations, Trainings and Awards, faculty members are advised to submit the documents to OVRAA after updating their records.

On Policy Library

  1. The Policy Library is a collection of significant academic and faculty-related policies and procedures of OVRAA.
  2. The Policies are in graphical presentation to easily trace the flow of information.

On Downloadable Forms

  1. The Downloadable Forms are the pertinent forms that faculty members usually fill out.
  2. The portal provides PDF files that can be save on the disks. Faculty members do not need to go to OVRAA to secure these forms.